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MBS Plugin for Windows Server 2012

Recently we moved to require Windows 8 as minimum and drop Windows 7 support. Turns out a few customers still use Windows Server 2012 and the plugin won't load there.

For Windows 7 or Windows 2012, we need to turn off:

WindowsML functions
WindowsOCR functions
WinPDF functions
WindowsUserNotification functions.

In future, we may build a Windows 7 or Server 2012 variant of the MBS FileMaker Plugin if needed, but we highly recommend you change your Windows versions in order to not require one.

We got a Windows 7 build of MBS Plugin 13.2 here: MBSFMPlugin132-Windows7.zip

PS: For Xojo we don't have such a problem as you decide what plugin parts you reference and if you don't reference anything needing Windows 8, you can still use Windows 7.
29 04 23 - 09:08