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Notes from the Xojo Conference

Currently we enjoy the Xojo Developer Conference, which happens this week in London, UK. Geoff Perlman, the CEO of Xojo Inc. has his keynote speech and I like to highlight a few details. Then William follows on XAML and Travis on Android later.

Windows UI Modernization will be a new XAML container control. The Extensible Application Markup Language is a way to describe controls in XML and host them in Xojo. Eventually the XAML controls will replace the regular controls, so the container is a way to try a few of them earlier. William showed some nicer Windows control and how to add them with the new container control. An interesting approach to allow developers to use a few of these controls in their applications and e.g. show a map control there.

The Android target is finally coming to all Xojo developers to try in 2023r2 as public beta. After a long time in development and Android being in testing for some time, it is finally good enough to ship to a wider audience. This is a 1.0 and thus a lot of things are missing. But it may be enough for you to write a little Android client application for e.g. a web service. Load some data via URL Connection, put in a local SQLite database and show via tables and various layouts.

The Xojo libraries project makes progress. The idea is to package compiled code and share it in your projects or provide to others. But no other details coming.

The DatabaseConnection class is coming to make connecting to a database easier, but no details given on how this happens, expect that you can easily direct release, development and beta versions to different servers.

On the afternoon, we'll look into Android support.

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26 04 23 - 14:15