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Xojo 2023r1 release

The new release was just posted by Xojo Inc. As usual we have a few new items and a lot of bug fixes.

Release Notes - Download - Order license

The big news is that Javier ported a JavaScript chart functions to Xojo for desktop and iOS projects. Yes, there is no HTMLViewer running the JavaScript, but native Xojo code uses the built-in drawing capabilities of graphics class to make charts. That works with the PDF classes in Xojo, so you can draw your chart as vector graphics to a PDF document. The good thing is that the classes for desktop, iOS and web classes use the same interface, so you can move code between desktop, IOS and web projects. And since it is Xojo code, you can extend it with subclassing or adding methods via extends.
See Graphic Charts for Xojo Desktop and Mobile

Of course, if you need more charts, you can always look into the MBS Xojo ChartDirector Plugin, which still has far more options, including PDF output.

The code editor got enhancements, which are handy, but we need to learn the code combinations:
Option/Alt+Arrow UpMove line or block up a line
Option/Alt+Arrow DownMove line or block down a line
Option/Alt+Shift+Arrow UpDuplicate line or block above
Option/Alt+Shift+Arrow UpDuplicate line or block below
See Code Editor New Features: Swap and Duplicate Lines

The debugger got a filter for variable names. This can be handy if a method has dozens of variables and you can search for variable names and apply a filter. Switching between stack frames doesn't remove the filter. So you may just it to find some name, step through to see it changing, but often you will remove the filter to get back to seeing all variables.
See Filtering the Debugger

A few little things improved for the Web framework: WebToolbars can now be positioned on top, bottom or in-between, even on dialogs or containers. The Bootstrap icon set was updated to a newer version. While implementing charts for desktop, the WebChart classes got a couple of bug fixes. In total 20 bug fixes for the Web framework.

From the Android tester group, I can tell you that bug fixes are coming in every day and I saw the majority of my own Android bugs already fixed. The team is really working hard to polish the Android part for a release soon, but sadly not yet for 2023r1, but maybe 2023r2.

An important change was made for iOS: The SDK got updated to version 16.2. Since Apple regularly requires app submissions to use the latest SDK, your iOS development may sooner or later have to move to the new Xojo version to be compatible. Xojo 2022 uses the iOS 15.0 SDK. Starting April 2023, all iOS apps submitted to the App Store must be built with the iOS 16.1 SDK or later, included in Xcode 14.1 or later.

In general this looks like a solid improvement, so we may soon move all our projects to the new version. Our plugins should work fine in all 23.x versions.
28 03 23 - 16:26