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MonkeyBread Software Releases the MBS Xojo Plugins in version 23.1

Nickenich, Germany - (March 7th, 2023) -- MonkeyBread Software today is pleased to announce MBS Xojo Plugins 23.1 for macOS, Linux and Windows, the latest update to their product that is easily the most powerful plugin collection currently available for Xojo. MBS Xojo Plugins have been updated and now includes over 3000 classes and 80,000 documented features, and the versatile plugins have gained more new functions:

Our new WindowsOCREngineMBS class allows you to use the built-in OCR engine in Windows 10 or newer. You can pick a language for initialization, load an image from file, string or picture and perform OCR recognition on it. The result can be requested either as text or as objects with individual lines and words.

We continue on the MongoDB plugin and add aggregate functions to query data applying a filter, sort rules and grouping on either the whole database or only a given collection. You can run custom commands on the database and query TLS status.

The LibXL library got updated and we enjoy new functions. The XLSheetMBS class got functions to better handle selection, active cell and tab colors. The XLBookMBS class got a IsWriteProtected function. Finally the XL classes now work on Windows 64-bit on ARM.

We rewrote the Windows store classes, a set of classes to help you perform in-app purchases in your Windows app through Microsoft's Store. For this we added new video, license and image classes. The delegates have an ErrorCode parameter to report status better and you need to adapt your handlers. On the way we got new methods like GetAppLicenseSync.

The WebKit JavaScript engine can be used on Windows and Linux in addition to MacOS and iOS. This includes using it in web or console projects for evaluating JavaScript. For Windows and Linux you have to use LoadLibrary function in JSContextMBS class to load your copy of the JavaScriptCore library.

For our WebView2 control we added the WebView2CookieManagerMBS and WebView2CookieMBS classes for Windows. You can use it to query the current cookies set in the web viewer and use them e.g. for CURL functions. We implemented a PrintToPdf method for Windows to save a website as PDF file.

DynaPDF added support for writing PDF/UA-1 files. The newer CreateStructureTreeEx function can be used to create the required tag structures for your PDF documents. The ChangeNamedDest function can rename named destinations.

We added a yield option to LCMS2TransformMBS class, added offset and length parameters to ReadFileMBS function and provide CallDelegateOnPreemptiveThreadMBS to try preemptive threading. The RequestScreenCaptureAccess method on CGSWindowListMBS can query for permisions to capture the screen on macOS.

Finally we updated CURL library to version 7.88.1, DynaPDF to, LCMS2 to 2.15, LibXL to 4.1, libxml to 2.10.3, openssl to 1.1.1t, SQLite to 3.41.0, tiff library to version 4.5.0.

See release notes for a complete list of changes.

07 03 23 - 10:07