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Twelve months of War by Russia in Ukraine

Since their invasion of Ukraine, the Russian military has bombarded Ukraine for twelve months. As of today, both sides still belief they can win the war, so we have no negotiations. And don't be fouled: This war could be over tomorrow, when Russia decides to move out of Ukraine.

And I don't think the majority of Russian people supports this war. The average Russians has no benefit and may see their relatives and friends get conscripted and die in a war they don't want. The war is certainly not about supporting some Russian people in Ukraine, but more likely to get a land bridge to Crimea with the Russian naval base in Sevastopol. And no idea why they didn't start 20 years ago to move the base to Russian territory on the Black Sea.

The biggest change for us in all the war time is to get independent on our power supply. Shortly after the invasion started, we requested offers for photovoltaik systems. Solar cells, battery pack and a controller system to make sure we use our own power as long as possible and just use the grid as backup. And when I look around on the other houses, I see quite a lot of people coming to the same conclusion: We as a country have to reduce imports of fossil fuel and what individual houses owners can do is to first to use solar energy to heat water (to support e.g. a gas heating) and second to use photovoltaics to make our own power. Don't forget the battery to store power and use your own energy at night.

As of today our photovoltaik system is working and already produces a lot of energy. On sunny winter days about 50 kWh, which is enough to fill the battery and serve our own needs. And even on cloudy days it produces a few kWh and reduces our power purchases a lot. We ordered a battery extension already to make sure we can store more energy to avoid buying energy even further. And we ordered the extension to run the system standalone without power from the grid.

On a bigger level like state or county, we can support efforts to build wind turbines and new power cables to connect them. We may get wind turbines nearby in the next years here. Not as efficient as a the coast, but a possibility to reuse an older one from the coast, which got replaced with a better one and is paid off.

This war changes the world and in a few years, it may be over. But the world will be different and I expect Russia will not come back to its previous power and less exports as they used to. Not to mentioned that they loose a lot of people in the war or due to evading conscriptions.

Let's do our best to help the Ukraines to get back peace by kicking out the Russian Army!
24 02 23 - 08:39