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LibXL 4.1.0 has been released

LibXL version 4.1.0 is available with this news:

  • added the conditional formatting support for xlsx files
    (new ConditionalFormatting and ConditionalFormat classes)
  • added the possibility to get/set an active cell and selection ranges
  • added the possibility to get a color from sheet tabs
  • improved the string overwriting performance for xls files
  • improved the reading performance for xlsx files
  • improved the sorting performance in AutoFilter (xlsx)
  • added ARM64 support for Windows
  • fixed a bug with cutting sheet names to less than 31 characters in Chinese
  • fixed a bug with loading some xls files ("Label size is incorrect")
  • fixed a bug with union multiple column filters in the Sheet::applyFilter() method (xlsx)
  • fixed an issue with loading some xls files (error message "invalid jpg file")
  • fixed an issue with encoding dates before the 1st of March 1900 in the Book::datePack()
  • fixed an issue with loading some xlsx files with special unicode character BOM (byte order mark) at unexpected position inside XML files
  • fixed issues with copying existing sheet with named ranges in the Book::insertSheet() what led to corrupted output files
  • fixed a new-delete-type-mismatch memory issue on Linux and now LibXL works with jemalloc properly
  • fixed an issue with saving UTF-8 encoded filename in the Book::save() method on Windows (xlsx)
  • fixed a hanging issue with loading some xls files
  • fixed a bug with saving xlsx files with a lot of OLE objects
  • removed the PY_SSIZE_T_CLEAN warning in python interface

The LibXL library can be used with MBS Plugins in Xojo and FileMaker. Updated plugins will be available soon. As usual we add the new functions soon. If you need help or want to try the new version early, let me know.

03 02 23 - 14:33