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Free Tier for MBS FileMaker Plugin

While Claris things about a free tier and Xojo has it for years, we also thought about it. For MBS FileMaker Plugin we got three levels:

No licenseAll features work, but it shows a dialog every few minutes when a MBS function is called to remind about the missing license.
Trial licenseFull product with a time limit (about one month).
Paid licenseFull product and no time limit.

With all levels, you enjoy our benefits to FileMaker itself like the relationship graph search. And quite a few users keep using MBS Plugin without a license to enjoy some things like script search.

Since doing license check for every little function is an overhead, I removed the license checks from hundreds of functions over the last years. This puts these functions into permanent free mode since there is no longer a check for a license. And for a lot of components, it is enough to check for the license in few central functions.

For next version 13.1, we will include the details in the documentation, so you can read which functions look for a paid license. This information is metadata, we have to collect and not all functions have that flag set in our database. And some may have the flag set incorrectly, so please let us know if you find an error.

Free are currently for example: EnvironmentVariables, Folders, iOSDevice, Plugin, SyntaxColoring, System, SystemInfo, Time, Trace and Validate functions. More may follow as we see fit. Currently over 2000 of 7000 functions are marked as being free.

For MBS Plugin 13.1, you can use MBS Plugin in a solution without a license, if you only use free functions without time limit. Just have no license key.

Of course we hope people like to use more of MBS over time and actually buy a license.
30 01 23 - 10:17