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FileMaker Server Version and OS statistics

It's a long time since we published the last statistics diagrams.

First we look on the OS distribution and see that Linux grew a lot over the last three years. If that trend continues, Linux may reach 50%. So far in our numbers Linux was No 1 OS for FileMaker Server in November and December 2022.

Next we can look on the distribution of various macOS versions. You see quite clearly where a certain version is released. Still amazing that a quarter of all servers run a 2+ year old macOS version, probably with older FileMaker versions:

Next let us see the FileMaker versions used. As you see people adapt to newer versions quickly. Half of all servers monitored here use the versions from 2022. Older versions fade out quickly. Over 85% of all servers are now on 19.x as far as we see:

And now we have a graph, where I decided to not just show you percentages. This graph shows the counts for each version and we see a lot of more people using our plugin on server side. We are not sure whether FileMaker grew that much or we just get a bigger share of the market. Our sales didn't grew that much, so I assume the 1000+ trial licenses out there are heavily used for test servers.

We'll come back to the statistics next year to see how things continue. Let us know if you have questions.

16 01 23 - 11:09