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Position and resize FileMaker's dialogs

In MBS FileMaker Plugin we have a handy function: Window.PositionNextDialog function.

You can call this function in a script just before FileMaker shows a dialog. The plugin will watch for new dialogs to show up and the next dialog to come is adjusted. We check if you provided a new X/Y coordinate and if so move the dialog. If you got us a new width and height, we resize the dialog. And if you set the center flag, we finally center the window on screen.

Works fine on MacOS and Windows so far in various FileMaker versions. We hope the function will help people with multiple screens to position the dialogs better.
For next version (currently in 12.6pr4), we improved this to work on Windows for the progress window for Insert From URL script step. So you can show a nice download while you do your synchronisation, uploads and downloads. The plugin can then be used to move those dialogs out of the way. e.g. on Windows move it down on the screen, so it hides behind the task bar.

Please try it! And do not hesitate to contact us in case of questions.
28 12 22 - 10:52