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Scintilla in Xojo for Linux 64-bit on ARM

We are happy to report, that Xojo with our plugins work fine in 64-bit ARM target for Linux:

Today we got Scintilla control (ScintillaControlMBS) updated to include a built-in library, so the control can be easily used out of the box without providing your own library.

The ChartDirector examples also work, but you need to install fonts and tell our plugin where they are with the CDBaseChartMBS.SetFontSearchPath function.

Since Xojo 2022r4 introduced building desktop, console and web applications, we see an increase in Linux developers asking about it. We'll add more Linux 64-bit ARM support and fix issues as we find them for the upcoming 23.0 release in January. Please report problems you find.

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19 12 22 - 12:10