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Unblock menus while threads are running

We recently got our TimerMBS class (22.6 or later) to help in cases, where using a menu on Windows stops your background threads. On macOS and Linux your threads continue to run when the user clicks on the menu and takes a while to make a choice.

So for Windows you can run the following code in your app open event to install a global TimerMBS and have it yield time. This makes sure that your main loop runs at least 10 times a second, even if a menu is open.

Sub Opening() #if TargetWin32 // start timer to yield in order to keep threads running when you use PopupMenus Static timer As TimerMBS timer = New TimerMBS(100, False) timer.Yield = True #EndIf End Sub

Alternatively, you would only enable it, when a thread is running. And then stop it later when the thread is done.

Please try and let us know whether it works well for you.

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12 12 22 - 08:31