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JSON problem fixed

If you downloaded the plugins in version 12.5 for FileMaker or 22.5 for Xojo in the last days, we may ask you to download them again.

The build from Friday, 10th November 2022 has the fixes for the JSON parsing functions.

This affects in Xojo the JSONMBS class, the FMAPI classes and the WebView2 control. For FileMaker it affects JSON functions, LDAP functions taking JSON and WebView functions for Windows.

The good thing with thousands of functions is, that the majority of plugin users may not be affected. But since this can be a surprise and people may want to enjoy our November release, we quickly uploaded a fixed plugin.

We are sorry about the problem introduced in pr4. In order to fix a problem with JSON parsing for a client, I accidentally changed code and that causes a NULL pointer in case of an error. Not always, but with one code path. As long as you pass valid JSON, it will work.

Everyone using 12.5/22.5 from build 4 to 8 is asked to move to build 9 from today.
10 11 22 - 09:08