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Xojo 2022r3 released

The new Xojo 2022r3 version arrived. This is a very welcomed release with a ton of bug fixes, mainly from the Bug Bash in August. Here the shorter announcement:

Xojo 2022 Release 3 is now available with over 280 changes and improvements. Download it now!

Xojo 2022 Release 3 includes:

  • Almost 200 bugs fixed, many as a result of the user-nominated August Bug Bash
  • Project load times are significantly shorter for large projects
  • Example projects are now online for automatic updates and quick, easy access
  • Syntax Help area improvements
  • General PDF improvements

The complete list of improvements can be found in the release notes. If your license is expired, renew now to get access to this release. If you are interested in learning about future Xojo features, check out our product roadmap .

From our plugins view, you may use 22.4 or newer with Xojo 2022r3 since that includes the updated Chromium support. And if you plan to use the IDE on MacOS Ventura, you may load 22.5pr3 soon for the bug fix with the NSTableControlMBS on a container in a window crashing the IDE.

The Android version makes progress and is in testing currently. But that didn't stop some developers to use it for writing apps, that are already published and used! If progress continues, one of the next versions may include it for everyone.

Please try the new release. Load a copy of a project, analyze it and see if the IDE/Compiler complains about something. Please note that loading and resaving your project may lead to a few changes with white spaces in your source repository, but that should be a one time thing. This version resolves a few things with spaces vs. tabs in saving source code.

13 10 22 - 08:43