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Xojo Issues to be archived

The Xojo bug database has a bot, which performs various automated tasks. One of them is to archive old bugs. When you report a bug, it gets usually quickly reviewed by Robin or someone else of the Xojo team. He may have some questions about it and usually tries to get an example project made, if the reported didn't provide one. A bug report without a way to reproduce is difficult to fix. Yes, if there is a way to locate it in source code, e.g. with a file name and line number in an assertion, someone can take a look on the code and guess how it may fail. Often it can be altered to gracefully report an error and not just assert. If the bug can be fixed, it may get assigned to a developer, who may find a fix and then the fix goes into the next release after verification.

Now it happens that some bugs get forgotten. The original reporter may have moved on or can't provide details on how to reproduce. Especially if the problem only occurred once and nobody knows why, there is nothing to do. If you find a bug you also run into, please click the thumb-up button and add a comment with more details. Maybe you can add some information to help resolve the bug, an example project or steps to reproduce?

If nobody (developers or staff) adds something for 2 years, the bot will archive the bug assuming that nobody cares anymore. For two years

  • Engineers may have looked into it, but didn't leave a comment or asked a question.
    Private comments are not shown, but may change the update date of the issue.
  • No Xojo user added a me-too note, example project or steps to reproduce.
  • And nobody reproduced it in a newer Xojo version and verified it still is an issue and posted that information.
Before you complain about the bugs not getting attention, please notice that for most development projects, the staff can't handle all of them. Whether you look on the bug databases from big companies (Apple, Microsoft, Google), open source projects on GitHub or our own projects. We have to priorities and usually fix the most urgent issues first.

The last week I checked dozens of cases and commented a few as they are still reproducible. On the way I closed a few cases, which I can't reproduce anymore here. I assume they got fixed as a side effect of fixing another case, but not marked as fixed.

Here is a list of bugs to be archived within next month:

Is there one, which you like to support?

For your own bugs, please consider checking once a year whether they got fixed or are still relevant.

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