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Price Changes for Claris FileMaker products

Claris just announced a price increase for all of their products going effective on 24th September 2022. All prices are said to raise by 10%.

While pricing adjustments are often unavoidable, it brings the opportunity to buy at the old prices until 23rd September 2022. So if you have a license of Claris FileMaker, please consider to order updates for adding additional years to it. You may pay for a license 3 or 5 years in advance. Even if your license expired in 2023 or 2024, you may be able to add more time now.
  • save around 10% by buying now.
  • save more by ordering multi year licenses.
Also be aware that the around September/October, Claris may be introduce their new pricing for the Claris Studio part of the product. That offer will be more expensive than the existing licenses as the Studio part has an additional cost and you may be able to upgrade.

For MBS Plugin, you can of course also order at current price list and enjoy our multi year offers. Please contact us if you like to order bigger.
03 08 22 - 10:37