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Code Folding in Script Workspace for Claris FileMaker

For MBS Plugin 12.4 we implemented a long standing wish from various FileMaker developers: Code Folding.

As you know our plugin highlights matching script lines for If and Loop blocks. So you see what lines belongs to what other line. Now when we detect such a block, we add a little control on the between the line number and the text. You can click that control to hide some lines and later click it again to show them.

When you save the script, FileMaker reloads it or you start dragging a line, all lines show again. Our line hiding is only temporary until something unhides them.

Please try and let us know the if you find issues.

As usual, this feature is macOS only. If you like to see a Windows version, please contact Claris Inc. directly to implement this cross platform in a future version.

02 08 22 - 10:31