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MBS FileMaker Plugin

We got a problem with out thread locking in our 12.3 release. To fix a problem with one client on a server, the fix should help, but it didn't work out as desired and causes problems otherwise:
  • For one user the license check freezes.
  • In our tests, releasing DynaPDF tables when DynaPDF.Release is called may freeze, if you did or didn't release the tables yourself before this.
  • In parallel scripts on server, functions like CURL may cause trouble if two scripts access the global object list as the same time and one modifies it.

Sadly the problem was not noticed in the last weeks of testing for 12.3.

The problem should be fixed for the newly uploaded version and of course also in the upcoming 12.4pr1 version.

Sorry, if you are affected by the bug. If you are, please check your plugin version and if you got the build 7, please download again to get build 8. Let us know if you still see problems.

PS: There is also a problem with plugin loading taking about 40 seconds for a client on Windows. This happens when FileMaker tries to verify signature of the plugin DLL and Windows wants to update the list of certificates. The download may be blocked via some firewall and takes time to time out. Then FileMaker Pro continues as normal. If there is no internet connection, the problem doesn't happen. To solve, allow the query to that Microsoft server once and then it should work on the next starts.

Claris FileMaker Plugin
18 07 22 - 10:28