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Four month Russian war in Ukraine

It is already four months since Russia started the invasion of Ukraine. The Russian government sees them as a rival they think they can beat and prevent Ukraine from a prosperous live in the free world. They don't want a puppy government under the control of the Kreml, but their own independent country. Deciding their own fate and who they make treaties with.

This war is unnecessary and will not help Russia. It brings big pain to the people in Ukraine and as well to all the families in Russia, who see their sons die for this bullshit.

Please put the money where the mouths is. We try to help and sent once again a bigger donation to help people in the Ukraine. Also we will look to reduce our own use of petrol and natural gas. Currently we look into investing into photovoltaics to produce our own power.

Please check if you can help yourself by helping Ukraine or by reducing your consumption of Russia products.
26 06 22 - 16:13