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Multi Year Updates

If you have a license for our plugins, you can renew it at any time and add additional years at current pricing.

While our updates are already discounted at 50%, you can take multiple years and get an additional discount:
  • 2nd year with 10% reduction
  • 3rd year with 20% reduction
  • 4th year with 20% reduction
  • 5th year with 20% reduction
For example a $99 update for 5 years would be factor 4.3 instead of 5, so $425.70 instead of $495 with a $69.3 discount.

Please contact us to let us know you like to order with discount, so we can raise a custom invoice for your purchase.

If you order a multi year update via our web shop for full price, we can extend the MBS Plugin licenses (not DynaPDF or LibXL) with extra months instead of a discount:
  • 2 years -> 1 month extra
  • 3 years -> 3 months extra
  • 4 years -> 6 months extra
  • 5 years -> 9 months extra
This should be about the same level of discount. In any case, please let us know in advance. With ordering now in advance, you can secure current pricing.

And of course we appreciate the trust that customers put into us when they update for several years.

Please note that you may need to depreciate the value of the purchase over multiple years in most countries.
08 06 22 - 11:58