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Comment Links in FileMaker ScriptWorkspace

At the dotfmp conference we got a nice idea for a feature: MBS FileMaker Plugin already scans script lines to find missing variables and show a little warning for undeclared variables. We added the feature to scan for comments containing URLs. If we find an URL, we add a little button to the end of the line, which currently shows an arrow and a globe:

You may click on the line to select it and then click on the control we add. Maybe double click may also work directly. But only if the list of script steps doesn't consume the click, it will come to our control.

You can configure this via our preferences dialog or the new SyntaxColoring.CommentLinks.SetEnabled function, so you can turn it on and off via script if needed.

Available in 12.3pr2 on our website for FileMaker Pro on macOS.
07 06 22 - 13:18