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Two months of war in Ukraine

Today we are two months into the Russian attack on Ukraine. This war is heart breaking as we know people both in Ukraine and Russia. We have quite a few customers in those countries. It's amazing to see how much of the people we work with or buy stuff from are based inside the Ukraine. Like Valentina database is developed there. LibXL also is from there, but they left just in time before the war.

We personally had visited Russia before on a cruise ship trip to St. Petersburg. A nice city, friendly people and a lot of history to see. What could have happened to Russia, if they invested all the money from their resources into the country. See what other oil countries do like Norway, Saudi Arabia or Dubai. They all know the oil will end and put the money into the country to prepare it for the time after the oil.

No idea what the Russian government wants in Ukraine. They already killed tens of thousands Russians (Soldiers and civilians there) as well as thousands of Ukrainians. And that all to control a piece of land as if Russia wasn't big enough already?

For us, we stopped selling to Russia immediately two months ago. Days before sanctions blocked the credit cards anyway. We donated for good causes in Ukraine and will continue to help.

We hope the Ukrainians can stand their ground and defend their country long enough, that the Russian government realizes this is not going to end in their favor. Or maybe the Russian people revolt to force a change in the government. We know most Russians may not know about the war since it's not shown in newspapers or TV inside Russia.

I feel sorry, for the Russians, who get dragged in a war by their government with all the bad consequences. But I feel even more sorry for the Ukrainians being attacked. We pray for you guys!
24 04 22 - 10:24