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Safe on Xojo license with updating now

You have a current or expired Xojo license?

Xojo Inc. changed their price list and adjusted the prices. Adjusting prices every few years is okay and nobody should complain. But if you carefully read the blog post here: Changes to Xojo License Pricing, you may notice that old prices are still available for renewals and upgraded until 5th May 2022.

Anyone with a current or expired license should consider ordering an update now.
If your license is good until e.g. August 2022, you may think an update is not needed. But still you may do one and extend your license by one year to August 2023.

If you enjoy using Xojo, plan to use it for another year and you like to save a bit of money, you should order your renewal before 5th May.
22 04 22 - 08:26