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Why MBS Plugin fails to load?

Since we now produce plugins for over 15 years, we regularly get customers with trouble, so let us assemble a FAQ here:

All platforms

  • You picked the right plugin file?
    It is easy to mismatch linux and Windows 32-bit since they have both the .fmx file extension.
    • MBS.fmx64 for Windows 64-bit.
    • MBS.fmx for Windows 32-bit,
    • MBS.fmplugin for macOS
    • MBS.5866.fmx for Linux (with build number in the name)
    • MBS.fmplugin.framework for iOS.
  • The file is complete?
    Please check byte size to make sure you got a full copy.
  • The file is corrupted/altered?
    Please always take a fresh copy from our website and don't let some malicious app change your plugin files.
  • You have a recent plugin version?
    Older versions may not work in current FileMaker. e.g. we recommend MBS Plugin 12.x or newer for FileMaker Pro 19.4 and older versions.
    Please always double check as we have customers telling us they installed the new version and when we look in the folder, it's an old version.
  • You put the plugin in the right folder?
    FileMaker loads plugins from various folders for macOS:
    • /Users/yourname/Library/Application Support/FileMaker/Extensions
    • /Users/yourname/Library/Application Support/FileMaker/FileMaker Pro/19.0/Extensions
    And for Windows:
    • C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Pro 19\Extensions
    • C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\FileMaker\Extensions
    • C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\FileMaker\FileMaker Pro\19.0\Extensions\
  • You don't have two versions installed?
    Some users get a manual installed version and an installation by script in different folders. FileMaker may then load the older version and you wonder why the version reported is not the one you expect.


  • You have the right version for the architecture?
    Since version 19, FileMaker always uses 64-bit, so you need the MBS.fmx64 file. But you can install both versions and have FileMaker load the right one. For FileMaker 13 and older, you always need 32-bit plugin. For version 14 to 18, you may check what you got or install both.
  • You have Visual Studio Runtime Libraries installed?
    We need minimum the 2015 version, but may in future need a newer one. Currently we recommend to install the latest package from here: The latest supported Visual C++ downloads
  • You have an Anti Virus tool, which puts the plugin into quarantine?
    This problem disappeared since we sign our plugin with a digital certificate. But still it may be possible that an anti virus tool thinks the plugin could be a problem and prevents loading it.
  • You have an old Windows?
    Please check the Windows version. Since MBS Plugin 13.1 we require Windows 8. Please use MBS Plugin 13.0 or older for Windows 7 or Windows Server 2012 R2.
  • Is it Windows 7 or Windows Server 2012?
    Then we have a special version of our plugins here: Download page
  • DLL whitelisting?
    Do you have a security solution, that prevents loading of DLL files without them being white listed? You may need to allow FileMaker to load MBS Plugin (which is a DLL) from the Extensions folder.


  • The code signature is valid?
    If the plugin got altered, it will break and FileMaker no longer loads it.
  • The plugin is in quarantine?
    Our plugin is notarized in the disk image. If you copy that one, the Finder should not apply quarantine. But if you downloaded the plugin via zip file, you may get a quarantined one.
    Check status with
    xattr -l path
    If this output includes quarantine entry, then the file is under quarantine.
    You can remove quarantine with Terminal and the
    xattr -cr path
    command. For path, just drop the plugin on the terminal window.
  • You need 32-bit version?
    For FileMaker 13 and older you need a 32-bit version of our plugin. Version 10.2 was the latest with 32-bit for macOS.
  • Preferences file?
    Can you remove the com.filemaker.client.pro12.plist or com.claris.pro.plist from ~/Library/Preferences folder and see if it helps?


  • You got the Linux version?
    Not the Windows plugin with the same file extension.
  • Some required library is missing?
    MBS Plugin is compiled to load on CentOS and Ubuntu. You can check dependencies with ldd command line tool. e.g.
    ldd MBS.fmx
  • You got the right architecture?
    Make sure you pick the Intel or ARM version based on what CPU you have. You can run
    uname -a
    in Linux to check:
    Linux ubuntu-linux-22-04-desktop 5.15.0-76-generic #83-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jun 15
    19:21:56 UTC 2023 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux
    If you see aarch64 here, it is the ARM version. The Intel one would show x64_86 in the line.


  • Please don't expect the plugin to run on FileMaker Go.
    It can't.
    You need the FileMaker iOS SDK and make your own app.
    To get it, you need to join FileMaker Developer Subscription or Claris Partner. You also need to sign up for Apple's developer program. See iOS App SDK Instructions.
  • You picked the right variant?
    We have a plugin for simulator and one for device and you may swap them before building the application.
  • You signed the plugin framework with your own certificate?
    Team IDs must match between frameworks and the app. When you try to run this, the error message tells you the certificate is invalid or expired.

Let us know if you have something to add or a question.

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