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Xojo 2022r1

Xojo Inc. released the first new version for 2022: Download, Release Notes.

There are a few nice additions like debugging on iOS live on the device. You know, timing is different on the devices and you may only see some bugs on the device and not in simulator. Your local iPhone or iPad devices should show up in the build menu in the "Run On" submenu.

This release brings a new software for the online documentation. We like that it gets redone and hopefully it will be better. But this is still work in progress and you see the first version now. In parallel you can use the old documentation or for offline usage use the built-in documentation. If you like to use documentation offline, you have to go to the preferences dialog and click a button to have it download the offline copy.

If you like to automate the IDE, check the big enhancements to the IDE scripting. You can define shortcuts for the keyboard to easier access the various scripts and they got new commands.

The new version includes an updated version of the Chromium libraries for the HTMLViewer on Windows. Please update MBS Xojo Plugins to version 22.1 if you use our Chromium extensions there. The plugin got updated for the new version of the libraries earlier this year.

You may know the debugger has long standing bugs. A very annoying one on newer M1 MacBooks got fixed where break points were not working always. Also the edit source button should now find the right spot in the source code more reliable.

For plugin developers there are a few goodies. First the build process has one build dialog for the whole time of a build including pre-compilation. It was really annoying if that dialog run in background and users got the impression that the IDE crashed. Thanks for the IDE no longer trying to load a plugin as a project. And our plugin controls can now be first in tab order, which helps users of our Scintilla control.

Finally they also changed the price list. Basically after 8 years they do a correction for the inflation. A Pro license is now $799 USD. If you do you renewals before 5th May, you should get the old prices and save a bit of money. e.g. if your license expires in August 2022, you may do a renewal now to extend it to August 2023. Repeat that if you like for multiple years.

In general this is a nice release with over 100 bug fixes, including a few long awaited fixes for the Web framework. You may still open old projects and work on them without moving things to API 2. So everyone can install this and enjoy the new features. The biggest plugin in space...
06 04 22 - 09:46