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Stefanie got the Claris FileMaker Certification

We are happy to inform you that Stefanie Juchmes mastered the certification for Claris FileMaker 19. Congratulations Stefanie!

A bit over three years ago Stefanie started her job at Monkeybread Software. We asked her to learn all about our plugins, Xojo and FileMaker. And to proof that she got the knowledge, we asked here to make her own projects, videos for conferences and of course also get certificated. And yes, this test is quite demanding. It requires that you know a lot of different things in the platform. Just like school you may not need those details in the future, but you never know what you need in advance.

If you like to do the test yourself, you may watch the courses at Productive Computing University and FMTrainingTV, the books The FileMaker Manual for Novices by Richard Carlton and Learn FileMaker Pro 19 by Mark Munro, the Claris Community FileMaker Certification pages and the related FAQ.
16 03 22 - 12:59