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Xojo Meetings for Montreal and Quebec City

Let's organize some local Xojo developer meetings for Quebec City and Montreal:

If you live in this part of Canada, or you like to come over from the USA, please join those surveys to find the perfect date between 21st to 26th March 2022:

Xojo Survey for Montreal   Xojo Survey for Quebec

If you like to join, please add yourself to the survey and contact us soon to put you on the list.

I reserve a table in a nice restaurant and I will be there. You can join and we can shop talk all night. Ask me plugin questions, bring your laptop and show projects.
And of course we discuss latest changes in Xojo, upcoming conferences and what's new in plugins.

Of course it is possible to arrange private meetings for consulting or training while I am in the city.
25 02 22 - 09:28