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Rewritten Phidgets Plugin

We added Phidget classes around 2010 to our MBS Xojo Plugins. We kept that running and various clients used all the old classes for various projects. To keep compatibility we renamed the old classes with a prefix Old, e.g. OldPhidgetMBS.

To support the new Phidget Library with support for Apple Silicon, we created new classes with the modern API. We can put in all the knowledge we got about C++ and Xojo and improve the classes to current standards. We wrap the C API from Phidgets library and so you can always look on their documentation, too.

Our plugin does all memory management automatically for you with allocation of required buffers. We dispatch all events on main thread including the asynchronously APIs and their completion events. You can of course use AddHandler if needed and send events to your delegate methods. We check error codes and raise PhidgetErrorExceptionMBS whenever needed. The exception then has an error message and the error code.

Check out the new classes to control the various features:

If you use a humidity, magnetic, light, gyroscope, PH, sound, temperature, capacitive touch or pressure sensor for a Xojo project, you can try the new classes above. You can recognize input from analog and digital sources and output signals. You can control various motors including steppers.

We support currently macOS, Windows and Linux in all variants for Intel and ARM CPUs.

Now available to try with version 21.1pr1 of our plugins.

02 02 22 - 17:05