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dotfmp 2022

Did you sign up for FileMaker Conference dotfmp.berlin 2022?

This conference is organized by Egbert Friedrich and takes place from 2nd to 4th June 2022 in Berlin, Germany.
After two years of waiting, this may be the first in-person conference for FileMaker developers in English.

Already 30 developers are signed up from 15 countries: 🇧🇪, 🇬🇧, 🇱🇻, 🇩🇪, 🇺🇸, 🇬🇷, 🇮🇹, 🇳🇱, 🇳🇴, 🇪🇸, 🇫🇷, 🇨🇭, 🇦🇹, 🇩🇰 and 🇫🇷

dotfmp is an effort of various leading European FileMaker Developers. It is meant to bring all kinds of higher level developers together to share knowledge, educate and challenge each other.

dotfmp starts at the 1 June 2022 in the later afternoon with a relaxed "Beer and Sausages" as a kind of "Pre-opening" in one of the most famous Berlin Beergardens, the „Pratergarten“. That way people pop by whenever they've arrived without being in a hurry.
The session days itself last from 2 until 4 June from 9:00 till 18:00 with various socialising events in the evenings.

dotfmp is a 3 Day-Unconference, Meetup, Hangout or Barcamp. It is an informal and self-organized effort to meet on a personal base. Still no idea what this mean? Then have a look here!

dotfmp saw some of the most famous places and like time passes by we're heading to new shores in 2022. The Schankhalle Pfefferberg s located in a vibrant area with a short walking distance to all the famous restaurants. Please have a look at the map below or at Event details for more informations.

We feel there are far too few possibilities to talk to, learn from, and hangout with fellow developers in a relaxed and informal environment. And we‘d like to share work and get feedback from people chewing on similar challenges.

Please sign up if you are interested on dotfmp.berlin and check the FAQ for more details.
30 01 22 - 10:19