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Our button to add or remove table occurrences

As you may know we have some tools in the plugin for macOS to make the live easier in FileMaker. For various dialogs to enter calculations we got check syntax and evaluate buttons. That is convenient to make a syntax check or to evaluate the current calculation in the current context to test it without closing the dialog.

For MBS FileMaker Plugin in version 12.0 we change the buttons to be a segmented control with four segments to do the syntax check, evaluate and now adding and removing table occurrences:

As you see we got a button labeled "+ TO" and one named "- TO". The labels may change later in case we localise it or find nice graphics for them. The buttons run some code from the plugin to lookup the field names in the table on the left with the table name from the popup menu above. This may help you when you have to copy calculations from field definitions to calculations in scripts or data viewer.

Internally we use a regular expression to do this and it looks for the field names and add the prefix for the table occurrence for you. Same for removing where we look for table::field combination and replace with only field names.

Please try the feature in 12.0pr7 or upcoming pr8 to help us fix all bug before release. The feature is available on macOS for various dialogs including field definition dialog and data viewer.

11 01 22 - 10:19