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xDev Magazine 20.1

The January/February (20.1) issue of xDev Magazine is now available.

Congratulations to 20 years of publishing!

Looks like I made the title story with my debugging tips.
Stefanie contributes two great articles and there is even more:

Debugging Tips for Xojo by Christian Schmitz
Finding bugs can take up a lot of your precious development time. Why not make it easier on yourself by using these great tips and tricks for easier debugging?

Apple Silicon Max by Marc Zeedar
Apple recently released new MacBook Pros with "pro" Apple Silicon chips, an upgrade to last year's M1. Are these worth it for the Xojo developer? Marc takes a look.

Data Cryptography with the Feistel Network by Eugene Dakin
The Feistel network is a sophisticated cipher whereby data is split into two pieces and encryption occurs multiple times. Feistel Ciphers are used in two fish, padding schemes for certificates, key schedules, Data Encryption Standard, and more.

Cool Charts and Heatmaps by Stefanie Juchmes
A heatmap is a unique type of chart, very cool to look at, and Stefanie shows how to use the MBS ChartDirector plugin to create one.

Plus: Transparent PDFs, Xojo 2021R3, Android, Send Emails with MBS, SQL Injection, xDev's 20th Year, and much more!
03 01 22 - 21:46