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Upcoming FileMaker Training Live Broadcast

The new year is starting with a week of FileMaker broadcast sessions and you can watch them live for free or later on Youtube:

We start on Monday with showing FileMaker enhancements on macOS. Since we have so many, we split it in two days with introduction on first day and second day for Script Workspace. This way we have more time to explain each feature in detail. Maybe you know a few, but I bet you find a new gem here!

For Windows, we could do a session, too. Since we have hotkeys on Windows and can also inspect clipboard with the XML FileMaker stores there, it would be possible to make some nice things for FileMaker on Windows. e.g. press a hotkey, show a dialog with snippets and then insert them into the current script. See blog post Insert snippet for FileMaker on Windows. Interested? Let us know.
30 12 21 - 11:00