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Display Value List IDs

If you like to see the IDs for your value lists and later reference them in your scripts, check out the new option in the upcoming MBS FileMaker Plugin in version 11.6pr2 or newer:

If enabled in preferences dialog or via SyntaxColoring.SetShowValueListIDs function, the MBS FileMaker Plugin will query FileMaker's ValueListNames and ValueListIDs functions to assemble the lists and show right in the table the ID.

You can use FM.ValueListIDForValueListName and FM.ValueListNameForValueListID later in scripts to pick the name of a value list by ID or otherwise. Or just do the same via custom functions if you prefer that.

We'll provide 11.6pr2 next week, so keep checking our blog or mailing list for the announcement. Claris FileMaker Plugin
05 12 21 - 12:55