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Windows 64-bit ARM support coming to Xojo

Have you seen the updated roadmap from Xojo Inc.?

It lists ARM 64-bit support for Windows and Linux as items they work on. And I put in a some work the last weeks into building our plugins for Windows 64-bit ARM. We had Linux 64-bit ARM completed a few months ago. Still the plugins only compiling doesn't mean they will run right away. There will certainly a new plugin SDK for those targets, so we'll have a few changes and then try them once a Xojo version ships and we can build test applications.

Since we got ARM 64-bit support, I hope adding Android in the future should be easy for all the console enabled classes. But still it may be very useful to have SQL, DynaPDF or Encryption classes available there, too.

See older blog post Linux 64-bit ARM support coming to Xojo, Build System Updates for new targets, Building for future Xojo targets and Building plugins for Linux on ARM.

Please know that the roadmap lists various items Xojo Inc. works on, but not all and not necessarily in the order they ship. The listed items tend to be the ones, which takes multiple releases to get finished. Smaller items, which can be done in a few days by an engineer, may not be listed there.
03 12 21 - 08:31