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The Last Xojo Black Friday Sale

Xojo Inc. just announced their 10 day BlackFriday sale:

The Last Xojo Black Friday Sale - Save 20% storewide through November 29th

I'd like to add some details:
  1. Due to how the licensing works with Xojo, every licensee can just go and order an update. The expiration date will be adjusted to add the new year on the end, so even if your license is still good until 2022, you can extend and benefit from the discount. This should even work for more than one year.
  2. Third party products are included, so you can order some third party products along your Xojo license.
  3. Buying a XDC ticket gives you a discount coupon to give to a colleague to have them order a ticket, too.
  4. The reason they announced this to be the last sale on Black Friday is simple: Sales staff likes to enjoy family time. So instead of customers calling all day asking for help with placing their order, the sales staff can enjoy Thanksgiving next year. There will still be sales, but in other weeks of the year.
  5. Since Android is now in testing, you could get a license and play with it. Be assured that there is a 90-day money back guarantee, so Xojo Inc. can refund you if you are not happy.

For MBS, we match the offer of course. If you are interested in a new MBS Plugin license, you can get 20% off for our licenses (plus DynaPDF and LibXL). An announcement will follow next week. The coupon code BlackFriday can be used in our web shop. Otherwise email us for custom invoices or Paypal links with the discount.
19 11 21 - 17:13