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xDev Magazine 19.6

The November/December (19.6) issue of xDev Magazine is now available. Here's a quick preview of what's inside:

Things you can do with DynaPDF by Stefanie Juchmes
You probably know that the DynaPDF plugin is powerful, but perhaps you don't know everything that it can do. Stefanie lists a ton of cool features of the software.

Memorable Passwords by Marc Zeedar
While having a good password manager is essential, there are critical accounts where being able to memorize the password is useful. Marc helps with a tool he wrote in Xojo.

The Tale of Cross-Platform Compilation by Geoff Perlman
Xojo used to let Windows and Linux users compile for the Mac. Then that feature went away. Now it's back. Geoff explains what happened.

Cryptography with the Vigenere Cipher by Eugene Dakin
The Vingenere Cipher uses multiple alphabets to change the distribution, frequency, and average of the letters used in the message, making it hard to crack.

Rotating Christmas Tree by Stefanie Juchmes
Happy holidays! Use SceneKit to create an animated Christmas tree.

Plus: Xojo 2021R2.3, links in PDFs, SQL, GraphicsMagick, recommendation algorithms, working solo, document editing, and much more!
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