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Updates for Updater, WebStarter and Bugreporter Kits

Today we update our Xojo developer Kits for Updater, Bugreporter and Web Starter. They all got a few bug fixes and changes over time and can be used in Xojo 2021. This includes a Web 2 variant for Web Starter Kit.
  • Bug Reporter Kit 1.5
    • Fixed some localization bugs.
    • Fixed compilation bugs for Xojo 2019r3
    • Changed email script to mark email as UTF-8.
    • Add list of current visible windows with focused control to the report.
    • Updated to Xojo 2021
  • Web Starter Kit 1.6
    • Fixed over 300 changes for Xojo Web 2.0 API
    • Added ErrorName and ErrorStack for JavaScriptErrors table and removed UserDetails
    • Updated for Xojo 2021
  • Updater Kit 2.3
    • Changed HTTPSocket to URLConnection class for newer API.
    • Updated Sparkle framework
    • Moved projects to 64-bit
    • Uses Info.plist added to project
    • Uses Build Step for MacOS to copy Sparkle.framework and key file.
    • Changed some URLs to https:// for app transport security.
    • Replaced updated app on server to be signed.
    • Using SSLConnectionTypes.TLSv12 now for socket.
    • Fixed kCheckSumNodeName to not include 32 as bit number is added later.
    • Updated to Xojo 2021.
If you use one of this components, you may want to download and compare. We recommend an app like Arbed to compare between two projects. When you purchase those Kits, you receive a download link with a year of updates included. If you let your maintenance expire, you may just grab a new license to get a new download login.
29 09 21 - 11:34