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Xojo Roadmap updated

Have you noticed changes in the Xojo Roadmap?

There is a new item showing up since today:

Build macOS apps from Windows and Linux
The ability to build and remote debug macOS apps from Windows and Linux

As you may know running the macOS linker running on Windows was not supported by LLVM for the last years. Since Xojo uses LLVM to power their compiler, they had to wait till this project comes to a point, where it is working.
This change may also help to get remote debugging working from Windows to macOS.

Also on the horizon is the dark mode support for Windows, which is also listed there.

Let's look what shows up in the 2021r3 pre-release version soon.
If you like to be pre-release tester, you can contact Xojo as shown in this blog post. The biggest plugin in space...
31 08 21 - 20:16