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Claris Engage Beyond 2021

Please join the Claris Engage Beyond webinars next week. Starts on August 25th with a Webinar from

Learn, share, and connect online with Claris Engage Beyond 2021, beginning on August 25.

Stay ahead of the curve with Claris Engage Beyond! Get ready for Claris insights, new learning opportunities, and other virtual sessions, brought to you live and on-demand. Whether you’re new to Claris or a long-time community member, Claris Engage Beyond offers the opportunity to choose the sessions you find most valuable.

Please register for the Claris Engage Beyond LIVE kickoff event, featuring Claris CEO, Brad Freitag and VP of Engineering, Peter Nelson, on Wednesday, August 25, 2021. You can also explore and register for other sessions happening after the kickoff.

View the schedule and sign up today!

All sessions are virtual and free of charge.

Hope to see you there!

Claris FileMaker is a very versatile tool, but we are curious to learn what direction Claris wants to go with it in the next year. We look forward to an update of the roadmap, maybe some previews of what's coming and in which areas Claris will invest in the products.

We like to hear more about improvements to the admin console for server, additional data centers for the Cloud offering, Android support, the web authoring engine in the browser and maybe some simplified licensing. For Android, I'd still wish Claris would hire a few developers to port over FileMaker Go.

Later on the 25th August, please join Richard Carlton and his team in the FMTraining Live Broadcast session "Claris CEO Kickoff - Post Event Review" to recap the high lights and add a bit of context and background information.

See you there!
20 08 21 - 10:04