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ChartDirector 7.0 Released

We include the new ChartDirector 7 library for some time as the C++ version was available earlier. But now we got notice that ChartDirector 7 is released for all languages including C++, .NET, Java, ASP/COM/VB, PHP, Perl and Python.

Advanced Software Engineering is pleased to announce the immediate availability of ChartDirector 7.0.

ChartDirector 7.0 introduces 3 new chart types:
  • Treemap Chart: It visualizes a hierarchical structure by partitioning a rectangle into smaller rectangles recursively.
  • Discrete Heat Map: It consists of cells which are colored based on their data values. Its continuous counterpart is the contour chart.
  • Circular Bar Meter: It is similar to a bar meter, but with the bar bended into a circle. The bar can be segmented to enhance visualization.
For the user interface, ChartDirector Chart Viewers now have built-in high DPI support, and tooltips can be formatted with CDML (ChartDirector Mark Up Language).

The C++ and .NET editions of ChartDirector includes a Data Accelerator object, which allows real-time charts with up to a billion data points with full user interaction support.

In addition to charts, ChartDirector can now generate complete PDF reports, with charts, text, tables, images and other graphics.

Other notable features include cross section for contour charts, contour labels, 4D surface charts, surface projections and surface texture mapping.

More details can be found in the ChartDirector 7.0 release notes.
For Xojo we do the port and offer our MBS Xojo ChartDirector Plugin, which is offered in the OmegaBundle currently.

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23 07 21 - 10:43