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Xojo Android Summer Preview

Xojo Inc. continues their way to add Android to the their Xojo development tool. To given an update there is a video on YouTube to watch and a blog article:

After a few years of development the various branches come together. The UI classes (Mobile prefix) are getting ready, a lot of the framework parts are getting ready and the compiler also seems to work. This video shows the debugger with breakpoints and variables for the first time. And the classes for Android are the same as for iOS, except a few specifics. Currently there is a AndroidMobileTable vs the iOSMobileTable, but I hope that will get unified and we have one project for iOS and Android.

Sounds like most of the framework got ported already with a few classes still missing like Clipboard or introspection. Declares may work although we don't know how they work and whether they declare to Java libraries or to C libraries or both. We have not seen anything about plugins so far. Software needs to ship eventually, so at some point the team may decide which feature goes into first release, and what stays on the backlog. Plugin support including built-in plugins like XML, RegEx, XojoScript or Crypto may not make the first release. If that helps to ship it a few months earlier, it is fine for me.

There is no time frame indicating when Xojo with Android will ship. At the current rate, this may get finished in winter. We may see it shown off at XDC in London next year. Whether this will be release or availability of a beta depends on the progress made till then. If things go quick, the pre-release testers may see it earlier, maybe even as a Christmas surprise.

Someday a beta will be given to testers. If you like to be part of a tester group, make sure you are signed up for the Xojo forum, the testers section there and you can try the next version in development.
13 06 21 - 13:33