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MBS Plugin Quiz

Let us ask you a few questions and see how well you know our MBS FileMaker Plugin:

Which of the following functions is the oldest?

  • GMImage.Crop to crop an image
  • Schedule.StartScriptOnIdle to start a script when user takes a break
  • Process.List to list running applications on a Mac/PC.
  • Window.Hide to hide a window via plugin.
  • RegEx.Replace to make a replace with regular expression
  • Please think a moment, before reading on.

    To answer the question, let's check what version the functions are from: Schedule.StartScriptOnIdle is from version 5.2, GMImage.Crop from 2.0, RegEx.Replace from 7.5 and Window.Hide is from 1.0. The Process.List function is brand new for the next release, 11.2.

    Which function is the longest function name?

  • CoreLocation.significantLocationChangeMonitoringAvailable to check whether significant location change tracking is available.
  • ImagePicker.VideoIsCompatibleWithSavedPhotosAlbum to check whether a video can be put into the saved photos album.
  • UNNotification.RemovePendingNotificationRequestsWithIdentifiers to remove a list of notifications.
  • SyntaxColoring.CheckVariableDeclaration.Notification.Enabled to check whether missing variables in script workspace show a notification.
  • TouchBar.GetAutomaticCustomizeTouchBarMenuItemEnabled to check if the menu entry to customize Touch Bar is enabled.
  • To answer you may have copied the names to a text editor to see the length. And then you may have noticed the notification function in the middle wins with 63 characters.

    Currently we have 6536 functions listed added over more than 14 years.

    When do you think we reached about half of that with 3300 functions?

  • version 3.0 from December 2012
  • version 4.2 from June 2014
  • version 5.3 from October 2015
  • You can find the answer on the blog.

    Which of the following enhancements to FileMaker is not from MBS?

  • Search field for current script in Script Workspace.
  • Search field for script list in Script Workspace.
  • Search field for relationship graph.
  • Search field for field list in database design dialog.
  • Search field for custom functions
  • If you like to search a list and the field is not visible?
    Just click in the list and try Command-F as MBS FileMaker Plugin adds search to over 20 lists in FileMaker. See list of shortcuts here.

    But the search for the script list in Script Workspace is built-in to FileMaker and comes without our plugin.

    What parts of the FileMaker platform can you use MBS FileMaker Plugin with?

  • FileMaker Pro
  • FileMaker Go
  • FileMaker Server Scripting
  • FileMaker WebDirect
  • FileMaker iOS SDK application
  • Our plugin works fine in FileMaker Pro and on server including WebDirect. You may even embed our plugin into iOS SDK based application, but the plugin doesn't run directly on FileMaker Go. But you may always do a Perform Script on Server to use the plugin on the server. See also Plugin License Decision Graph.

    And for FileMaker 18, the runtimes can also use our plugin.

    Which DevCon did Claris honor us with an award?

  • 2016 in Las Vegas
  • 2017 in Phoenix
  • 2018 in Dallas
  • 2019 in Orlando
  • 2020 in Nashville
  • If you can't remember Nashville, then may be because that one is moved to 2022. Mark your calendar for July 11-14 2022!

    We got the FileMaker Excellence Award for the Innovation category in at the FileMaker Developer Conference 2018 in Grapevine, Texas.

    We got two more awards from FileMaker Magazin at the FileMaker Konferenz 2016 and FileMaker Konferenz 2012. And we earned one for our MBS Xojo plugins in 2020.

    What is the most called function?

  • Version
  • Register
  • IsError
  • CURL.Perform
  • Trace
  • Everyone may show the MBS version number somewhere on a screen. But for sure everyone calls Register somewhere to set the license key and Trace is really useful to debug a problem. The CURL.Perform function may be the most used real function to do actual work like send/receive email, do up- and downloads or web services. But even more calls go to IsError as that function may be used after each other MBS function to check error state.

    If you look on the most used function categories, you end up quickly with CURL, Barcode, DynaPDF, GraphicsMagick, JSON and XML functions.

    And final question:

    Which year did we start to make a FileMaker plugin?

  • 2000
  • 2001
  • 2004
  • 2006
  • 2012
  • 2013
  • Well, if you know that we celebrated 20 years last year, you may get that 2000 was the year I started my company. In 2001 we started Xojo plugins. In 2004 FileMaker Inc. released FileMaker 7, which brought a new SDK for making plugins. That is the interface we still use today and current MBS FileMaker Plugin on Windows should even work with version 7 of FileMaker. 2006 is where we started making a FileMaker Plugin. The year 2012 was the first FileMaker conference in Austria, where we got the idea for some syntax highlighting functions. Finally 2013 is the first year we went to a FileMaker DevCon in San Diego.

    I hope you enjoyed this little quiz.

    30 04 21 - 11:31