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Xojo 2021r1.1 available

A little surprise this evening is the release of the Xojo 2021r1 update. Just three weeks, but a few things are urgent, so let's check the update.

Release Notes   Download   Announcement in Forum

The new Xojo update brings a few things, which didn't meet the deadline for r1. With Xojo r1.1 you get the universal linker included, which allows you can build applications on an Apple Silicon Mac without using Rosetta. The bundled utilities Debugger Stubs, Lingua and Image Maker apps are now macOS Universal as well as your worker console apps. Finally the debugger for iOS applications can use the iOS simulator with native code.

Please note that you will need newer plugins from us for arm64 code in simulator. Please update to 21.1pr4 or newer.

There is a new DesktopColorPicker control as a surprise. You may know that Xojo has a SelectColor function, but recent macOS updates broke the functionality. You must now use asynchronous mode on macOS, either with the new control or our NSColorPanelMBS class.

We are happy to see ongoing development on the web framework. The memory leak for whole sessions seems to be fixed. I hoped the JSONItem leak would also be fixed, but that didn't make it before the deadline. Well, eventually you have to ship.

If you need to localize your Xojo app, please check the updated Lingua app. It has a scripting engine (using XojoScript), which allows you to automate various tasks.

Nevertheless, this is a solid release and we used it for a few things the last weeks and had no issues with our projects. Please try it and report feedback to Xojo soon. What have you noticed?
22 04 21 - 19:10