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Combined Components with MBS FileMaker Plugin

When using MBS FileMaker Plugin, you may need to combine a lot of functions together to get some work done. That makes our toolbox of functions so flexible to use for your needs. Let us show you four examples:

Regularly import files from hot folder

  • First you start with Schedule functions to run a script regularly every few minutes in FileMaker Pro. Independent of SetTimer script step, so you can have multiple of them.
  • You look into a file path with Files.List to get a list of file names in the folder.
  • By using our List functions you compare the current file list to the one from last run. For example List.And would find similar files in both files, while List.FindUnequals would find the ones different.
  • Next you use Path functions to build file path by taking folder path and the file name. Use Path.AddPathComponent to not care about slash vs. backslash.
  • A function like Hash.DigestFile may quickly get you a SHA512 secure hash of the file.
  • You can do a search in FileMaker to check whether the hash is known. Or use our FMSQL functions to do the check with a FM.ExecuteFileSQL call to do a "SELECT COUNT(*) WHERE hash=?" SQL query to count the records and either get back 0 or 1.
  • To read the file you may use Container.ReadFile function and get it in a variable first.
  • You can then create a new record for the file with FileMaker script steps. Or you use FM.InsertRecord to create record for it without switching layout.
  • If you do a document database, you may go for a PDF document and use our PDFKit functions or DynaPDF functions to extract text for PDF, maybe split the PDF and make preview pictures for the pages.
  • For image files, you may use GraphicsMagick functions or CGImageSource functions to extract metadata for image files like camera model or GPS coordinates.

Scan documents and upload them

  • On Windows you can use WIA functions to scan documents including the use of a document feeder.
  • On macOS we have ImageCapture functions to use scanners, but also import from a digital camera, which you can even trigger to take a picture if you have it connected via USB.
  • You can use our GraphicsMagick functions to check whether a page is all white to remove it.
  • Use DynaPDF functions to build PDF document from pages.
  • Finally use CURL functions do upload the document via SFTP to a server or use AWS S3 or Dropbox for this.

Drag & drop import of video files and prepare previews

  • Check the DragDrop functions provide drop area to your users.
  • User drops video file on the layout, a script is triggered and in the script you check the files.
  • Check file type and filter to only video files.
  • Use AVAsset functions to load video on macOS or iOS.
  • Check duration, create new record for video.
  • Loop from 1 to 10 and create ten preview pictures for video frames at 10 points in time in video with AVAsset.Image function.
  • Scale first picture down with GraphicsMagick functions to store as thumbnail.
  • Allow user to playback video with AVPlayer functions on macOS/iOS or WMFP functions on Windows.

Build Invoice and send via email

  • Output invoice in FileMaker with Save as PDF script step.
  • Load with DynaPDF functions
  • Add terms of conditions PDF to the end.
  • Add page numbers (see examples).
  • Search pages with DynaPDF.FindText function for company website URL and make those clickable links with DynaPDF.WebLink.
  • Add payment barcode (EPC for example) to invoice with our Barcode functions or better as vector graphics with newer DynaPDF.DrawBarcode function.
  • Convert to PDF/A file.
  • Digitally sign the PDF with your signature with DynaPDF.SaveAndSignFile function.
  • Use SendMail functions to build email with HTML.
  • Use Text.MergeFields to prepare HTML and fill in fields from customer record.
  • Add PDF as attachment with SendMail.AddAttachmentContainer function.
  • Send Email via CURL functions. This may include a custom header in the email to easier detect bounces.
  • Check debug messages from CURL from mail server to record email as sent successfully.
  • Optional have CURL functions use with IMAP example to monitor mailbox for bounces.

You may have more ideas and may do similar workflows. But in combining the plugin functionality you can achieve great features in your solution. And because it is all one license, you don't need to add another plugin to your toolbox. It's all in our MBS FileMaker Plugin, over 12 years of work for our clients.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions.

29 03 21 - 14:42