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The different FileMaker Clouds

We see confusion about the different Cloud offerings. Some features are Cloud only or not available on one Cloud, but maybe another. Why?
Because it depends what Cloud you are talking about. Like who runs what FileMaker Server in what data center in what configuration and with what operation system.

If you see a little piece of information, you may not get the full picture. Let us show you few examples:

Do Plugins run in the Cloud?
Yes, of course they run on the FileMaker servers in the Cloud, just not in the current FileMaker Cloud offering from Claris Inc. itself. But other Cloud vendors do support plugins on the server side. MBS FileMaker Plugin is available for server usage on macOS, Windows and Linux.

OData support is limited to Claris FileMaker Cloud?
No, for OData you need the Linux version of FileMaker Server, which can be used via both Claris FileMaker Cloud and other Cloud offerings using Linux. As long as your hosting company uses Linux for FileMaker Server, you can use OData. Learn more about OData here. OData is great as it includes schema modifications, something you can't do otherwise by scripts.

Can we use Custom Web Publishing?
Yes, but the FileMaker Server in the Cloud must use FileMaker Server with Windows or macOS. The Linux version does not support Custom Web Publishing with PHP and XML. Thus you can't use those features in the Claris FileMaker Cloud, but go with a hosting company using macOS or Windows.

Can I buy a FileMaker team license with the Cloud server?
Yes, most vendors are happy to sell the license. Please note that for Claris FileMaker Cloud you have to buy the license with the server. Although it may be worth to call Claris Sales and ask if they would provide some discount when you trade in the existing license. Other vendors allow you to bring your own license, which helps to move an on-premise server to the cloud.

What Cloud offerings are available?
When you need to decide on a Cloud offering, please note that there are multiple things and FileMaker Cloud is not an unique name. We list the offering from Claris Inc. as Claris FileMaker Cloud here:
  • Claris FileMaker Cloud, great for novice users, who have to just make a brand new solution available to a team.
  • Many Claris Partners offer traditional FileMaker Server hosting with MacOS, Linux or Windows on dedicated servers. The Claris Partner search lists dozens of hosting companies.
  • FMCloud.fm or similar provides FileMaker Server running via Docker on Linux servers. Using Docker is a bit more efficient than running separate VMs for each server with a full virtualized OS.
  • You can rent your own server with a hosting company like AWS EC2, Microsoft Azure, Host Europe or whatever you prefer and install your own copy of FileMaker Server. That may go with macOS, Windows or Linux version FileMaker Server.
As you may see I pointed out FMCloud.fm, because that is a service with a free trial and you don't need to call someone and ask for a hosting or price. You can click your server, get it running and have your solution running in less than an hour. The great thing on the Cloud is that it is automated, available right away without delays. A fascinating development!

If you know another Claris Partner offering similar service, please let us know. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions.
08 03 21 - 10:05