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Plugin installation for Xojo on Windows and Linux

You may know that recent Xojo versions stopped building for macOS from Windows and Linux. Mainly because Apple's tools to link executables and do code signing are not available for other platforms. See Why building apps for macOS requires a Mac on the Xojo blog or Xojo and cross compiling for macOS in Norman's blog. There is not much to gain with installing macOS only plugins on Windows or Linux to develop in Xojo IDE.

These plugins are cross platform. You can install them everywhere and use them:

For Bluetooth, the plugin has both macOS and Windows classes, so you may need to install MacBase for the Mac side, even if you only use Windows classes:

And these plugins are macOS only, so you don't need to install them on Windows or Linux for the Xojo IDE:

By only installing the plugins you need, the startup and pre-compilation times in Xojo will be faster. Please mind the dependencies.

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