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Lots of new commands in FileMaker Admin API

Have you checked the documentation for the FileMaker Admin API for FileMaker Server 19.2?

The Claris FileMaker Server 19.2.1 Release Notes website only says:

This release includes a preview of enhancements to the FileMaker Admin API. New commands have been added to allow you to configure FileMaker Server settings that were only available through Admin Console or the FileMaker Server Command Line Interface (CLI). You can now:

  • get metadata for FileMaker Server
  • configure additional folders
  • import an SSL certificate
  • import a license certificate
  • manage plug-ins

But when we checked the documentation, we found over 30 new commands:

  • Database Server
    • Get Server Metadata
    • Update Server Name
    • Update Server Progressive Backups Setting
    • Enable/Disable Server Additional Database Folder Setting
    • Get Server Current Folder Settings
    • Get Server Default Database Folder Path
    • Get Server Secure Database Folder Path
    • Get Server Additional Database Folder Path
    • Get Server Additional Remote Container Folder Path
    • Get Server Backup Folder Path
    • Update Server Default Backup Folder Path
    • Get Server Progressive Backup Folder Path
    • Update Server Progressive Backup Folder Path
  • FileMaker Data API
    • FileMaker Data API Usage
  • License
    • Get License Information
    • Import License
    • Sync up License
  • Notifications
    • Enable/Disable Email Notifications
    • Get Email Notification Settings
    • Update Email Notification Settings
  • SSL Certificate
    • Create SSL CSR
    • Get Server Certificate Information
    • Import SSL Certificate
    • Delete SSL Certificate
  • FMPlugins
    • Get Plug-in List
    • Enable/Disable Individual Plug-in
    • Enable/Disable WPE Install Plug-in Script
    • Enable/Disable WPE Plug-ins
    • Enable/Disable DBS Install Plug-ins Script
    • Enable/Disable DBS Plug-ins
    • Get DBS Plug-in Configuration
    • Get WPE Plug-in Configuration

It's always good to make a diff between two versions. We found that two settings are removed from Server General Settings functions: startupRestorationEnabled and startupRestorationLogPath. As that feature is gone, we don't expect anyone to miss it.

If you wrote a tool for the Admin API, it may be a good idea to update it soon. The API is great to manage a lot of servers and e.g. apply a new setting to all of them. And of course a way to automatically query license information allows you to make a script to check which servers may need a renewal soon.

What would you use the new commands for?

17 12 20 - 17:01