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MacOSX plugin for iOS

In the last days we ported our MacOSX plugin part to iOS. For most parts this just means we had to set flags to ignore classes on iOS, e.g. for DVD playback.

But you can soon start and use CommonCrypto classes on iOS to benefit from Apple's accelerated frameworks. As those classes benefit from built-in hardware encryption support, they may be faster than the CipherMBS and DigestMBS classes in our plugin.

If you use Bonjour services to find your applications in the local network, you can now use DNSServiceMetaQueryMBS to find the service types. We use that in our example to find devices in the local network for all kinds of services.

The DarwinIFStatInterfaceMBS class should also work on iOS. And of course DNSLookup classes may work to resolve DNS queries. The UTTypeMBS module is also useful to work with type identifiers. And if you do Midi on iOS, you can try the MidiPlaybackMBS class.

Spotlight search, network disk mounts, ImageCapture and more are not available for iOS.
16 12 20 - 11:45