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Xojo 2020r2.1 arrived

Xojo Inc. just released their latest Xojo update to the public: Download, Release Notes. As usually, some last features or bug fixes didn't fit the schedule for Xojo 2020r2 and some things got discovered after a wider audience tries the product. Once again we are happy to see a bug fix release with about 50 changes.

First and important for us is the fix with building universal macOS applications. It was only a little flag, but if it's set incorrectly, the dylibs fail to load on older macOS versions and in Rosetta on the new Apple Silicon Macs. Now the flags in 2020r1 were correct as the Apple tools produce the same output and Xojo Inc. tested against them. But that output is not correct in the eyes of older macOS versions, which expect different flags. And it caused trouble with Rosetta finding the Intel version of the library. As the issue is now fixed, we can happily create universal apps again.

We recently worked on our FileMappingMBS class for file mappings with sizes above 2 GB. There we discovered issues with the Ptr support in Xojo. The offsets are now calculated with 64-bit values in Xojo 2020r2.1, so they work as expected. Feel free to try with newer plugins (in beta testing).

The fixed for font property in Graphics class help us with our DynaPDF integration for graphics class. You can now pick fonts and have DynaPDF use them for drawing text.

If you plan to support Apple Silicon, this update is a must as it allows you now to produce universal macOS apps for all macOS versions 10.10 to 11.0.
15 12 20 - 09:10