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Use Text Finder for TextArea in Xojo

Have you checked the NSTextFinderMBS class for macOS to show a search field within a text area?

With a little code you can provide a find & replace toolbar within the text area like this:

The GUI is standard from macOS and localized by the system.

Here is the sample code you can use:

Sub ToggleFindbar() // get MBS objects for the Xojo controls Dim textView As NSTextViewMBS = TextArea1.NSTextViewMBS Dim scrollView As NSScrollViewMBS = TextArea1.NSScrollViewMBS // first run, we create the TextFinder object If finder = Nil Then finder = New NSTextFinderMBS // connect it to the text view and the finder.client = textView finder.findBarContainer = scrollView finder.incrementalSearchingEnabled = True End If If CheckFindbar.Value Then // enable find bar If scrollView.FindBarVisible Then // show the find interface finder.performAction finder.kActionShowFindInterface Return End If If textView.usesFindBar Then // show the find interface, if it was hidden before scrollView.FindBarVisible = True Return End If // enables find bar textView.usesFindBar = True End If If CheckFindbar.Value Then // show it finder.performAction finder.kActionShowFindInterface Else // hide it finder.performAction finder.kActionHideFindInterface End If End Sub

You may just have a menu command for search and when it's triggered, you can check what Window.Focus points to. If a text area is in focus, you can simply call the method above and pass the text area to show the find bar.

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