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Xojo 2020r2 arrived

After an extended beta phase Xojo 2020r2 was released today. See announcement, Release Notes and download. This is a huge release, which implements a couple of points on the roadmap and brings us Apple Silicon support, plugins for iOS with iOS getting API 2.0 framework and new worker class and even a few new controls for search and date/time picker.

Apple Silicon

This Xojo version can build applications for Apple Silicon and it can build universal applications, too. We updated MBS Plugins and include Apple Silicon support there in version 20.5. You can try it, but we'll soon have a new beta for the next version as we find issues while more people try building for those new Macs with M1 processor.

All MBS Plugins in 20.5 (and future versions) include an Apple Silicon version. Not all libraries are available yet for Apple Silicon and most functions have not been tested although since it's basically the same code on the same OS with a compiler change, we expect everything to just works.

iOS Plugins

The iOS target in Xojo got a major improvement with moving to API 2.0, which includes using more of the older Xojo framework parts like String and Variant for iOS. Auto and Text are deprecated and fade away. Since those data types were added, Xojo Inc. ported the plugin SDK to iOS. This allows us to provide you our plugins with iOS counterparts. So far this plugins build for iOS and are included with 20.5 release:
These plugins build, but are not shipping with iOS as we currently don't see use for them on iOS:
And the following plugins do not compile for iOS and we may look into them later:
If you like, try the plugins and let us know what you think and where you have trouble.

License Renewals

If you need a new license (or renew), you can wait a few days and see what Xojo Inc. offers for the upcoming weekend.
If your license has expired or is about to expire later this year, please enjoy the discount and get a new license to use Xojo 2020r2. The biggest plugin in space...
24 11 20 - 14:18